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Livehelperchat: The Ultimate Open Source Live Support Chat Solution

Livehelperchat Download: How to Install and Use the Open Source Live Support Chat

If you are looking for a free, open source, and feature-rich live support chat for your website, you might want to check out Livehelperchat. Livehelperchat is a web-based application that allows you to communicate with your visitors and customers in real time, using text, voice, video, screen sharing, and more. In this article, we will show you how to download, install, and use Livehelperchat on your website.

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What is Livehelperchat?

Livehelperchat is an open source live support chat that was created by Remigijus Kiminas in 2011. It is based on PHP and MySQL, and it can be integrated with any website or platform. Livehelperchat aims to provide a simple, fast, and reliable way to offer live support to your website visitors and customers.

Features and Benefits of Livehelperchat

Livehelperchat has many features and benefits that make it a great choice for live support chat. Some of them are:

  • It is free and open source, which means you can use it without any limitations or fees.

  • It supports multiple languages, including RTL and LTR scripts.

  • It has a user-friendly interface that can be customized and themed according to your preferences.

  • It supports text, voice, video, screen sharing, co-browsing, file sharing, emoji, and more.

  • It has a bot feature that can automate some tasks and integrate with any third-party AI service.

  • It has a mobile app that can be used by operators and visitors on any device.

  • It has a desktop app and a chrome extension that can enhance the functionality and convenience of the chat.

  • It has a powerful dashboard that can display various statistics and reports on the chat activity.

  • It has a rest API that can be used to integrate with any external system or service.

  • It has many extensions and integrations that can add more features and capabilities to the chat.

Requirements and Compatibility of Livehelperchat

To use Livehelperchat, you need to have the following requirements:

  • A web server that supports PHP (version 7.0 or higher) and MySQL (version 5.6 or higher).

  • A domain name or a subdomain that points to your web server.

  • An SSL certificate (optional but recommended) to enable secure connections.

Livehelperchat is compatible with most web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, and Internet Explorer (version 11 or higher). It is also compatible with most devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

How to Download Livehelperchat

There are several ways to download Livehelperchat. You can choose the one that suits you best:

Download from the Official Website

The easiest way to download Livehelperchat is from the official website:

  • Bitnami:

  • Docker:

How to Use Livehelperchat

After installing Livehelperchat, you can start using it to chat with your website visitors and customers. Here are some of the basic steps to use Livehelperchat:

Configure the Settings and Preferences

The first thing you need to do is to configure the settings and preferences of Livehelperchat according to your needs and preferences. You can access the settings and preferences from the Livehelperchat admin panel, which you can access by going to the URL of your Livehelperchat installation and appending "/site_admin" to it. For example, if your Livehelperchat URL is . You will need to log in with your admin email and password to access the admin panel.

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