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At The active classroom Ltd, we offer tutoring services for a wide range of subjects. Whether in-home or remotely online, you can trust our qualified instructors to help you reach your academic goals. Find out more about the topics we teach.

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Primary, Secondary and Adult

Are you or your child struggling in Maths? Our private tutors are here to help. Equipped with the best learning materials and practices, as well as a positive attitude, we’re ready to help you succeed.

Our Maths teachers have a wealth of experience, ranging from being GCSE examiners to years of tutoring experience with different year groups and across different Key Stages.

All our lessons follow the National Curriculum are stretching and scaffolded.


Primary, Secondary and Adult

We provide tutoring for your particular needs, customizing our lessons and strategy to accommodate your level of experience and curriculum demands. We offer online lessons to ensure a safe and effective experience for all students and families.

Our English teachers both in Primary and Secondary range from having senior positions within a school setting to those who we have mentored to perfection.

All our lessons follow the National Curriculum are stretching and scaffolded.

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

We have an excellent qualified TEFL teacher on board who has much experience tutoring international students with their English.

She is confident and is known for her approachable and friendly nature.

Subjects we offer: Subjects
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